Saturday, March 14, 2009

Not much flower power at Marigold

Date: March 14
Place: Marigold Kitchen

Hey, spring might be coming after all. Getting together with J on a sunny Saturday morning for the latest installment of bloody mary brunches. Today we meet at Marigold Kitchen off the Square on South Pickney. I think it's a good sign that I got street parking fairly easily, but when I walk in at 9:30 the place is packed. "We prefer you order first and then get a table," a server says, as she walks by juggling an armload of dirty dishes.

So we get in line and ponder the chalk board of daily specials before opting for eggs, Marigold potatoes and wheat toast. And of course coffee and a bloody mary for each of us. Lucky us, as a table for two opens up and we gladly take a seat.

Our bloodies come right away - served in a (10 oz?) beer tap glass. "What used to be a 25 cent tapper," J says (dating herself). The drinks look attractive - garnished with two olives and a twisted pickle chip. Horseradish floats in the drink; at first glance the tomato sauce looks a bit thin.

The first sip goes down well. "It's a bit earthy," J observes. We stir, talk, sip and soon our food arrives.

Our eggs are done just as we like them. The signature potatoes are very good and well seasoned; a bit hard to define - thin sliced as in a baked au gratin, slightly greasy like a hashbrown. J's bread was barely toasted and mine was too cold to spread any butter. The coffee well brewed.

Despite the line that snaked out the door at one point during our meal, we didn't feel rushed, so we enjoy a leisurely breakfast and bloodies. Overall we just don't taste a robust tomato juice, so that disappoints.

We like the lively morning atmosphere at this popular restaurant and enjoy a well-cooked, if unremarkable breakfast, but decide we'll pass on future bloody marys. So the quest continues...
Spice - 3
Strength 3
Sauce - 2
Price - $4.50 (10 oz?)

We're taking suggestions on a where to go next - thinking we may have to travel farther afield; friend M suggestions someplace near Cambridge. Next time we think we'll meet in Cottage Grove at a place we've not been to before - 1885 Saloon and Grill.

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